Families with Young Children Association

Please join us every Sunday after the 10:30AM Mass for Coffee and Cookies in the Jubilee Room.

Our Motivations:

  • We will build more crossover between parish, school, Mass, and children’s liturgy.
  • Find a time for friendship.
  • Gather together with common goals.
  • Share our parenting joys and struggles.
  • Allow our children more time together outside Mass.
  • Initiate events that are family-friendly and include the entire parish.
  • Make changes to better support families with young children.
  • Include the whole family – moms, dads, kids, and invite the parish to attend and spend time together.
  • Fun times!

Examples of our Events:

  • Date night for parents
  • Advent education and Wreath making
  • Christmas Pageant participation and organization
  • Bowling night
  • All Souls Day event
  • Wine tasting
  • Movie night
  • Tobogganing adventure
  • Board game night

Why now?

  • Because there are so many families with young children in our parish.
  • We are called to the vocation of parenthood, and we can support each other in raising our children to be joyful Catholics for life!

Get informed!

  • Email Sacha at sacha.esswein@gmail.com for information on upcoming
    events and to join our email list
  • Call St. Joseph School at 352-3041 to be put on the emailing list for news and events
  • Show up and enjoy the benefits of a lively and vibrant church community.