Mission statement

The Cathedral Refugee Committee will provide a safe, stable home for a vulnerable family, empowering and providing them with the access to the skills and knowledge to become successful, independent Canadian residents.
We will come together as a community to welcome refugees, by learning, sharing and growing to become better global citizens.
Embracing love not fear, we recognize God in all people.

October 2018


Greetings to members of the Cathedral Refugee Committee and parishioners of the Cathedral of Mary Immaculate:


Since the arrival and settlement of the Msatat family, the Core Committee members have continued to work with the family and provide support as necessary.  The family is now very comfortable in the community and continue to express appreciation for  their new lives in Canada.


Once the Cathedral Refugee Committee’s responsibility for financial support of the Msatat family ended, there was approximately $18,516.32 left from the fund raising efforts.  The Core Committee met several times to discuss how to proceed with these funds.  The Msatat family expressed a desire to have additional family members brought over through the refugee program.  The Core Committee spent time investigating the possibility of sponsoring additional members of the Msatat family.  Unfortunately, none of the members of the family were registered as refugees and there did not appear to be any likelihood of this happening.


Recently the Committee received news that the Msatat family is expecting a baby in early 2019. It was decided to set aside $1500 from the funds to assist the Msatat’s with costs associated with the arrival of their baby.


After consulting with the Offices of the Diocese of Nelson, our Sponsorship Agreement Holder, the Core Committee decided to reach out to other refugee committees in the West Kootenay and offer funds to assist them with their ongoing efforts to bring refugees to Canada.


Requests for funds were received from the West Kootenay Friends of Refugees, Kootenay Refugee Coalition and Nelson Friends of Refugees Committee.  The Core Committee reviewed their requests and  decided to donate $7800 to the West Kootenay Friends of Refugees to help with rent for Saad and Amr Zwayne, a father and son from Syria, who have recently relocated to Nelson.  Nelson Friends of Refugees Committee will receive $4608.16 to assist with settlement costs for a young family of four from Eritrea.  The Kootenay Refugee Coalition will also receive $4608.16  to assist with the sponsorship of the four children of an Eritrean refugee that the Committee sponsored in 2015.


Once the funds have been dispersed, the Cathedral Refugee Committee will conclude its operations and will cease to exist.


The Core Committee would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the members of the Cathedral Refugee Committee for their generosity in donations of finances, materials and time to ensure the Msatat family would be properly supported in their arrival and settlement in Canada.  As well, a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the community who contributed funds, furnishings and volunteer time towards supporting the refugee family. We also acknowledge the support received through the Diocese of Nelson, the Sponsorship Agreement Holder, without whom we could not have embarked on this remarkable journey.  This experience has been a true testament of the caring and generous nature of the residents of Nelson and area. We feel our mission statement has been realized.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at crc.nelsonbc@gmail.com.



Best regards.



Cathedral Refugee Core Committee